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Zelda Heroic Rage 9 Update

2007-12-09 01:47:33 by SolidSacketh

Hey, just writing on the progress of Zelda Heroic Rage 9, the series finale (12-9-07).

I am approaching final stages of animation now (it's like 85%), and have yet to combine 2 flash movies into one, and I hope that goes smoothly. I just realized I haven't even released a flash movie this year, it's pathetic. This movie has been in production for well over a year and I have had many, many setbacks. I hope my fans think it's worth the wait. My style is not so tween heavy and "anime stylistic" as most of the work that gets 4.25 scores and what not, mine only get to 4.08 or so. This new movie should attain a massive rating, or I will surely take another extended hiatus from working for free flash movies. It's for the fans, and it's a ton of work. To the priviledged few who read this, there may be another Heroic Rage after ep. 9... If 9 dominates the NG box office. Ep. 10 would actually be a prequel of sorts. Ep. 9 ends the series though, that's it, so that's why it has to be so awesome and take awhile to produce.

If I had a team of animators and voice actors, I would be a force to be reckoned with, I know now that after Ep. 9... I can really do this.

Peace! Have a good Christmas Season! I will try to get my movie done before it's 2008!

Zelda Heroic Rage 9 Update


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2007-12-14 12:54:48

Sounds too damn awesome. I can't wait for it to hit the portal


2007-12-22 18:42:47

are u working on heroig rage 9?i hope.lol we hav the same level


2007-12-26 23:33:11

I was just re-watching heroic Rage 7 as I have the Escaflowne score on my Zune and it always reminds me of your fantastic cartoon. I love to re-watch it. You have great taste in score music. Zimmer is cool too.


2008-01-01 19:41:39

why it is not done? we have 2008!


2008-01-11 05:40:18

Haha give him some time, it will be worth it when its done


2008-01-12 13:23:14

ok sry ....hey i think you didnt know to get lvl up ....you are lvl 2..ummm i can say you it


2008-01-25 16:28:52

Sweet Ive been waiting forever for Heroic rage 9!!! I seriously cant wait till it comes out cause when it does im probably gonna go crazy but im gonna like it!!!!


2008-02-04 01:07:42

Good luck ! ^-^ I've liked your series since episode, well 7 to be honest since that one was the first one I had ever saw of yours. But I watched the rest and it's obvious that over the years, you have improved a LOT! I mean a LOT! ^^ Your skills in artwork have sharpened and your animation has become more sophisticated. You're even adding voice sequences now. And can't forget the subtitles or course. But you've always done that. Well since this animation's taken so long to complete, it's definitely worth the wait. And believe me. I know better than ANYONE how time consuming and how much hard work it takes to make a flash animation, or at least a really good one. It must be hard on you since you have a job. I only have school and even that takes up way too much animation time for me. But then again I'm a perfectionist when it comes to art and flash animation. I started the "Legend Of Zelda: Unknown Origins" series a few years ago and man is it hard to keep it up. -_- However at the same time, every time I put an episode online, it just feel amazing. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. You feel an enormous sense of relief and accomplishment. Well I feel that I've talked enough. ^^; How about checking out my Zelda series? I'm sure you'll like it. I obviously have seen yours but I'd just like your oppinion on mine. ^^


2008-02-09 18:30:40

I can't wait for this!


2008-02-24 23:34:05

I thought after 2 years of inactivity that you were gone or gave up but thank god u didn't


2008-02-26 22:14:12

Where did u find the Zelda Theme track at the final part of the movie tell me please!!!!


2008-03-01 10:30:08

Just to show my support for the series I put it as ny 1st in the montlhy voting. And of course it was the best thing to hit NG this time in my opinion.


2008-03-25 17:18:40

you sould make one about link's son's son. and make it with vatti as the enimiy. and make a new realm that vattis trapped in. from: andrew10202758


2009-04-13 14:01:31

Hey man i saw your work and i love it im looking for an flash artist and animated and im doing this movie call the urban outcasts its in the flash thread can u help me?


2009-04-18 14:30:20

What software did you use to create Zelda: Heroic Rage Serious with? I know it was adobe, but which one?